Plan Your Cookout Like a Pro!

Heartfelt Catering Cookout.JPG

Happy Labor Day!  Labor Day is the last official cookout of the summer, so let’s make it count! This is the perfect time to blend traditional cookout favorites with new dishes and new flavors. We’ve got a few tips for healthy eating the Heartfelt way!  

Switch out your lettuce-based salad.
At Heartfelt Catering, we make a delicious Roasted Beet Salad mixed with arugula, feta cheese and toasted pine nuts.  Or try this — beets roasted with fresh garlic and rosemary and lightly tossed in balsamic vinegar.  No one will miss the leafy greens!

Savor the Summer.  
We’re fans of eating AND drinking what’s in season! At Heartfelt, we make a Fresh Watermelon Limeade full of natural flavors of summer fruit.  It’s refreshing and delicious!

Go lean and low!  
Select lean meats to keep your fat intake low.  And opt for natural seasonings versus high sodium ones. An easy flavor combination for your chicken is fresh oregano, lemon and garlic.

Travel with your tastebuds.  
This is a great opportunity to incorporate global flavors that your guests will love.  For example, we make a delicious Mediterranean salad with couscous, tomatoes, cucumber, fresh mint tossed in citrus vinaigrette. It’s light, full of flavor and gluten-free! 

Most importantly, enjoy the company that you’re with and have a great Labor Day!

Peace & Love

Cecelia Hamilton