Heartfelt Tips for Better Grilling


It’s official — grilling season is here! But before you fire up that grill, don’t forget to take a little time to prepare your marinades and rubs. Prepare marinades and rubs? That’s right! And if you’re buying that stuff in a bottle or a jar, we’ve got something better!

The biggest benefit of making your own marinades and rubs is control. You can control the flavor, as well as the salt, sugar and fat. The Chicago Tribune recently interviewed Heartfelt Catering Founder and Executive Chef Cecelia Hamilton for her DIY marinade tips. In the article, Chef Cecelia notes “you have all fresh ingredients, so you won’t have anything with preservatives.”

From fresh citrus to herbs and spices, the ingredient combinations that fit your palate are endless! Read the full Chicago Tribune articleand tweet us with your favorite marinade or rub recipes @HeartfeltCater.

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Cecelia Hamilton