Glorious Grits

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Growing up, there was one dish that I ate with every big breakfast — grits. My mom or dad would prepare old fashioned grits (not the quick ones) for my brothers and me with water, a little butter and salt. As an adult, I was introduced to cheese grits and instantly, my love of grits grew even more.

Butter, salt and cheese are all very common ingredients to add to grits; but it’s really only scratching the surface. Grits are extremely versatile and pair well with many different ingredients.

One day, while needing to use up extra green onions, I decided to soften the onions in butter and add old fashioned grits to the pot with a little bit of cream. The result was a savory dish with a subtle onion flavor and a velvety texture. I immediately had a new favorite grits! 

Now, you may say, “That’s not so healthy!” Maybe not, but after adding our salmon cakes with roasted pepper coulis or our blackened catfish, it balances out some of the creamy decadence.

If you’ve ever had the classic shrimp and grits, you know that grits have graduated beyond a basic breakfast dish to something that’s perfect for lunch and dinner, too. The key is to break all the rules and explore a variety of pairings. Go for it – push the limits with your grits combinations. 

My one and only rule of thumb: use old fashioned grits. Do not go for the quick, instant grits! While convenient, they just aren’t as good as old fashioned ones.

For added inspiration, I’m sharing a few of our favorite ways to make grits. 

  • Grits with blackened catfish (a favorite of many Heartfelt clients) and braised cabbage and greens
  • Grits with eggs, sage sausage or bacon with buttermilk biscuits
  • Grits with salmon cakes roasted pepper coulis, buttermilk biscuits and fresh fruit preserves
  • Grits with blackened shrimp with sauce. (I prepared these grits for my dad. He enjoyed them so much so that he told my uncle who called for the recipe. Maybe we’ll have a new family recipe to pass on!)

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Peace and Love,
Cecelia and the Heartfelt Catering Team

Cecelia Hamilton