End of Summer Celebration

Heartfelt Catering Summer Table 1 sm.jpg

Summertime in Chicago is fleeting. But this year, we’re not saying our goodbyes juuust yet. These last days of summer give us the perfect reason for an intimate alfresco dinner party. We’ve hand-picked our summer bounty for this menu – cucumbers, sweet corn, crowder peas, green beans and summer berries. And in keeping with Heartfelt Catering’s mission, we made this dinner with seasonal ingredients, fresh herbs and a variety of spices for a meal that’s full of flavor, but low in sodium, sugar and fat.

Our end of summer menu gives a nod to Chef Cecelia’s family’s southern roots with a few family favorites. Up first, a light, vegetable-focused hors d'oeuvre featuring locally grown summer cucumbers. Then, we’ve taken a few ears of local sweet corn and created a fried corn dish with green onions and red pepper. Growing up, Chef Cecelia’s mom would add a flour slurry to her fried corn; however for this version, Chef Cecelia removed gluten to make the corn stand alone with its natural flavors for a savory corn dish.

The benefit of being between two seasons means you have the opportunity to taste the best of both worlds. And if you’re from the South, we’re betting that you’re familiar with crowder peas. Given its name by being crowded in its pod, crowder peas are actually a bean, like the more commonly-known black-eyed pea. We got fresh crowder peas from our farmers market, shucked them, and made them similarly to how Chef Cecelia’s mom would make the peas in the early fall season.

For entrees, we’re featuring three low-fat and low-sodium dishes: sage rub pork roast with white wine reduction, poached herb tilapia on wilted arugula and herb-roasted Amish chicken. And we’re ending our feast with our housemade mixed berry galette for dessert. Remember: indulgence, in moderation, is the key to a balanced meal. Be sure to check out our Instagram page for more tasty photos of our end of summer dinner.

If you’re planning on hosting an alfresco, end of summer celebration; or if you’re looking ahead toward fun fall festivities, contact us for a memorable food experience.

Cecelia Hamilton