5 Tips On How To Maintain Your Weight During The Holidays

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Thanksgiving seems to be everyone’s favorite holiday. It’s certainly my favorite. And who could blame us Thanksgiving-lovers for choosing the one holiday where the spotlight is on food. Unfortunately, the holiday feast doesn’t stop at Thanksgiving, it’s just the beginning — sort of the unofficial kick-off to the holiday season with more delicious food to follow for weeks after. Research shows that we can expect to gain a few pounds over the holidays, and the cause is mostly due to over indulgence. If this is the one holiday tradition that you’re looking to break this year, I have a few tips for you.

Trust me, I know how hard it is to remain mindful about the food that you eat during the holidays. Years ago, I used to head to my mom’s house for Thanksgiving Day and load up on all of my favorites: turkey, cornbread dressing, mac and cheese, greens and more. I would chow down until I was in a food coma. Literally so stuffed that I could hardly move! The food actually felt like it was lodged in my stomach right below my breast plate. Have you ever had that feeling? I guess I was more stuffed than the turkey that I’d just devoured!

But now, I purposely don’t eat until I’m stuffed anymore. Instead, I’ve learned a few tricks to keep myself on track with my eating and my health goals during the holidays. Here are my five tips:

1. Have a game plan of the foods that you absolutely must have when you arrive at your holiday celebration. By setting in your head, the foods that you will and will not eat before you arrive, you’ll be less likely to fall into the temptation of over eating.

2. Start your feast with a bowl of soup. Soup as a first course with your dinner is a good way to fill your stomach with nutrition before you indulge. Select a soup that’s filling such as a butternut squash or a red lentil soup. This is also a great opportunity to consume a healthy serving of vegetables. At Heartfelt Catering, we have a flavor-packed Red Lentil and Spiced Roasted Carrot Soup that you can try at home. Here’s the recipe.

3. Don’t let that nog sneak up on you! We all know that we should eat before we drink alcohol, but it’s also important to drink lots of water before, during and after consuming alcoholic beverages. And of course, drinking in moderation will help curb some of those additional calories.

4. Find the time to exercise, even if it’s just for 20-30 minutes. Enjoy the holiday season by taking a stroll through the neighborhood to admire the decorations, or even power walk your way through your holiday shopping list. Maintaining a consistent exercise regiment during the holidays is a critical part of keeping your weight down during the holidays.

5. Remember: November is National Diabetes Month. If you or a family member has a chronic health condition and need to watch what you eat, check out our recent post for tips on how to cook a delicious vegan meal. 

“Cooking is at once child’s play and adult joy. And cooking done with care is an act of love.” ― Craig Claiborne

Making healthy and delicious food for all to enjoy is at the heart and soul of what we do at Heartfelt Catering. We maximize flavor and minimize sodium, fat and sugar in all of our dishes which are made from scratch. This holiday season, let us do all the work. Here’s one of our holiday dinner menu options:

Dinner Menu (10 person minimum)

Fresh Organic Herb Roasted All-Meat Carved Turkey
Mushroom-Sherry Gravy
Served with Choice of
Wild Rice Pilaf with Fresh Herbs, Mushrooms and Toasted Walnuts  
Roasted Green Beans with Garlic, Red Onions, Mushrooms
Spiced Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Spiced  Whole Cranberry Sauce
Dinner Rolls with Butter

Place your order for our complete holiday menu available for drop-off or full on-site service. Email us at info[at]heartfeltcateringchicago[dot]com.

Cecelia Hamilton